Produkty: Baseus Lovely Selfie Stick SUDYZP-F01

Baseus Lovely Selfie Stick SUDYZP-F01


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Opis produktu

Selfie stick with tripod function. Equipped with a portable remote control to take pictures. You can use it to take photos, make video calls, broadcast live or watch movies. The holder in which you want to place your device has a movable head that rotates in 360 degrees. This function allows you to select the appropriate recording angle. In addition, the stick develops, allowing you to adjust its length to the individual preferences of the user.
Made of high-quality materials: ABS + PC + aluminum, it guarantees long-term and safe use. The compact size and lightweight, foldable design make it easy to carry and store the selfie stick. When folded, its length does not exceed 21 cm – it will fit in almost any purse or backpack.
Built-in tripod – the product has three fold-out legs that provide stability and allow you to take photos from a greater distance, as well as watch movies or make video calls. The portable remote control allows you to take pictures without having to hold the stick. The product connects to the device using Bluetooth technology.

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